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Standing Ovation
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1977-1988 Cherry Hill/Philadelphia/Valley Forge Star Trek Cons
2007 11-02to04 Secaucus NJ Stargate Creation Con
2008 04-03to06 Vancouver BC Stargate Creation Con
2008 11-07to09 Cherry Hill NJ Stargate Creation Con
2009 03-06to08 Cherry Hill NJ Supernatural Creation Con
2009 04-02to05 Vancouver BC Stargate Creation Con
2009 06-05to07 New York NY Fangoria Creation Con
2009 06-19to21 Philadelphia PA Wizard World Con
2009 07-31to08-02 Parsippany NJ Star Trek Creation Con
2009 08-21to23 Chicago IL Stargate Creation Con
2010 04-15to18 Vancouver BC Stargate Creation Con
2010 10-__ New York Comic Con
2010 11-__ Los Angeles CA TriCon Stargate/Farscape/Firefly Creation Con

2011 06-24to__ Parsippany NJ Star Trek Creation Con
2011 07-08to__ Parsippany NJ Supernatural Creation Con
2011 07-29to__ Parsippany NJ Twilight Creation Con
2011 08-19to__ Chicago IL Stargate Creation Con
2011 09-02to05 Dragon*Con
2011 10-13to16 New York Comic Con
2011 11-18to__ Los Angeles CA TriCon Stargate/Farscape/Firefly Creation Con
2012 04-__to__ Vancouver BC Stargate Creation Con

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Happy 11th Birthday Gateworld

On October 22, 1999 STARGUIDE was launched on Darren Sumner personal web space. By the next year STARGUIDE moved to where other series were covered such as Farscape, Babylon 5, Andromeda, and Star Trek. With a vision for the future, a Stargate centered site was launched called and STARGUIDE was reduced to episode guides.

Over the years GateWorld has grown into a extremely popular and well respected Stargate website. In 2003 David Read joined GateWorld as co-editor. Thank you Darren Sumner and David Read for everything! For more information on GateWorld's history go to

There is a thread at
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The first computer programmers were women - Top Secret Rosies (documentary)

I would like to suggest the documentary Top Secret Rosies, which is available through APT (American Public Television, Inc).  This is a subject that is important to me as a female computer programmer.  I learned my first of over a dozen computer languages in 1978.  Every computer language I learned, whether in a class of from a book for work, started with a history of computers.  So over and over again I learned about the ENIAC, about why it was made, about how it worked.  Never once did I learn that the original programmers were six women.  I would have liked to know that considering that in 1978 I was the only girl in the class.


I am in no way affiliated with this film.  My interest in suggesting this documentary is even as more and more women are computer programmers it is still a male dominated field.  I have two daughters and I would like them to know that they can learn the same things that males can.




Summary from website:


In 1942…


… soon after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a secret military program was launched to recruit women to the war effort. But unlike the efforts to recruit Rosie to the factory, this search targeted female mathematicians who would become human ‘computers’ for the US military. From the bombing of Axis Europe to the assaults on Japanese strongholds, the women worked round-the-clock shifts creating ballistics tables that proved crucial to Allied success. Rosie made the weapons, but the female computers made them accurate. When the first electronic computer (ENIAC) was invented to aid the Army’s ballistic calculation efforts, six of these women were tapped to become its first programmers. While the work of these human computers proved crucial to allied victory, it also carried a moral weight – how to square the larger issue of ending a world war against the personal recognition that their mathematical computations made every Allied bomb and gun more deadly.


Fall 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the end of WWII, yet the amazing account of these women remains untold, until now. Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII shares a story of the women and technology that helped win a war and usher in the modern computer age.


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There is something screwy happening on LiveJournal


There is something screwy happening on LiveJournal.  Tuesday someone left a comment on one of my public posts that did not make sense in the context of the post.  So I went to the commenter’s LJ account to see who they were.  I found an account that was new, with no entries, no friends, no interests, and about 70 comments.  It was odd but not a concern to me.


The next day I was reading someone else's LJ and I noticed the same exact comment on one of their entries but by a different LJ user. Again the comment did not go with the subject of the entry to which it was posted.  Both comments were signed by the same handle but from different LJ accounts. This commenter’s LJ was new, had no entries, no friends, no interests, had about 70 comments, and used the same LJ layout. This made me curious so I did a general search at using the handle that was signed to both comments as the key word and found about 3200 comments all signed by the same handle.  They were made by many different LJ users and generally about 1-2 minutes apart. I started randomly checking the comments. I checked over 25 accounts and they all had no entries, no friends, no interests, made about 70 comments, and had the same LJ layout (which I assume is the default when you sign up for a new account). 


At this point I reported this to TPTB at LJ.  The comments left were not offensive; it just didn't make sense for the entries they were posted to.  Something just didn’t seem right.

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Standing Ovation Movie Premieres July 16th - my daughter is a back up dancer in it

About two year ago I posted that my daughter had gotten a part as a back up dancer in a movie called Standing Ovation.  Well, the movie is finally coming out July 16th, 2010 in theaters everywhere.  None of the girls pictured on the poster below are my daughter but it is exciting because it is her first professional credit role.  I have put up a fan page on FaceBook that I would love if you would join.  If enough people join the FaceBook Fan Page, I will make a website.  So please join and ask you friends to join.

Thank you,

Standing Ovation Poster